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D-STAR, Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio, is a trademark owned by Icom, Inc, and is used for an amateur radio technology developed by the Japan Amateur Radio League that links local radio users with others world-wide over the internet.

There are lots of pieces and parts to D-STAR and not all of them are easy to track down. There are some pages that try to be one-stop shops, but none of them seem to have all the pieces. This page aims to add to the problem! The main difference with this one is that it is a Mediawiki-based wiki meaning that it's not just one interested person maintaining the body of knowledge, it's maintained by anyone that registers. And that means you.

D-STAR Specification

It's a header containing the routing information and a checksum and then a stream of bits that contains a 3:1 alternation of AMBE voice and data.

One-stop Shops

D-Star Gateways


The Icom software in charge of interconnecting the radio to reflectors or other repeaters is called a gateway. Latest RS-RP2C version as of 2008-12-16 is v2.2.[1] As of early 2017, G3 is the current version supporting the hotspot and dongle modes of the latest Icom radios (ID-51A+2, ID-4100).

Various 3rd party plugins have been created to augment the system.

ircDDB Gateway

Author: G4KLX Open replacement for Icom gateway software.

ircDDB Add-on

Author: DL1BFF

Software added to Icom gateways to improve callsign routing using ircDDB Gateway infrastructure.


Author: AA4RC

Runs on Icom gateways and allows linking to reflectors and other gateways and supports connections from DVDongles and DVAPs.

3rd Party Scripts

Authors: NJ6N, G7LWT

Scripts that can be executed via commands using DPlus


Author: AE5PL

Runs on gateway, translates Icom-formatted GPS position reports for display on the APRS network.

DPRS Interface - Java program that allows operator to run a mapping program locally and watch activity on a local frequency:

D-STAR Hardware





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